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Network Chiropractic of Acton Healing Center since 1997
Welcome to our Healing Practice
 Core Principles
of Chiropractic Healing:
All healing is guided by the wisdom of the body.  Helping you reconnect with this innate wisdom is our main goal and is the foundation of our work.

Human touch is essential to our lives for our development and for healing. By utilizing a gentle, specific touch along the spine we are able to facilitate your body/mind in entering a deep and powerful state of full-body relaxation. In this state you will have the opportunity to naturally and spontaneously release a variety of restrictive tension patterns that have accumulated in and around your spinal system.

In addition we perceive the spine as a central foundational structure, which is fully integrated within the whole body both bio-mechanically and neurologically.  The body’s main communication system (the spinal cord and spinal nerves) flow through and exit the spine branching out to all muscles and organ systems. This is why the health and level of function of your spine can directly affect the health of your whole body. 

Many of our clients experience positive changes that are not often associated with Chiropractic Care as the mind and body develop a more harmonious relationship. These changes include a noticeable decrease in anxiety, depression, and stress and trauma related symptoms.

This healing journey is a process of self-discovery, release and re-connection. It is a 100% inner-directed experience, meaning that you release and change at your own pace. This empowers and allows you to re-balance and recover in a way that is natural and sustainable. 

Network Chiropractic of Acton Healing Center 
274 Great Road Acton, MA 01720
978-263-5182   NetworkHealingCenter@gmail.com 
"TEDx Talk" done in 2012, Concord, MA.
A presentation by Dr. Deborah entitled
"Consciousness and Healing" (17 minutes)

We offer a transformative, light-touch, global spinal release process
that helps the Nervous System to tell the body to heal itself.

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"You read my body like no one I've ever been to"

"When I  enter the office I feel like I am coming into a luminous healing garden"

"Every Time I come here I feel better. I forgot what it felt like to feel good in my body"

"I have come to love, respect and listen to my body again"
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Yvonne is a Registered Nurse

I used to come for pain relief, but it isn't about pain anymore. This work has helped me to become much more resilient and I can now withstand huge physical and emotional stresses.

November 2013 (2:11 min.)
How our technique
is different:
  1.We utilize a light-touch, low-force approach on specific points along the spine. This process initiates a release of the neuro-muscular stress pattern conditioning that is held within the spinal system.

  2.You become a partner and an active participant in this process. By engaging your body’s innate strategies of subtle movement, breathing and body awareness you will transform your spine and body from within.

  3.Your increased awareness and renewed relationship with your body will last for a lifetime.
Light Touch, Real Change