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Network Chiropractic of Acton Healing Center since 1997
About Our Practice
We would love to give you a better idea of what it might be like to work with us in our unique healing practice.

Each of the paragraph headings below are links that will take you to another page that you can explore for  more in depth information about that subject.  Join us for a wonderful adventure!

Light Touch
We use a gentle, healing quality of touch that is not simply mechanical but is also communicative.  The communication that comes through the touch is not for your conscious, rational, thinking mind (which is not usually where healing comes from) but goes deeply to unconscious levels within the body and brain.  The result is that you receive the message at a deep level that it is safe to let go of stress and trauma patterns and enter into a deeply relaxed, natural healing state.  It is often in this state that the "magic" of healing happens most effectively.

Community Healing Room
​All living beings are interconnected, not simply as an idea but at the deepest levels of Being. We do not heal in isolation, but rather through our connection with our own deeper selves and each other.  The Community Healing Room creates a space for this important element of healing.  

Goals of Care
Many people initially contact us because they are suffering from some kind of pain in their body.  They may have had this pain for a short time or chronically for many years. We are proud to say that we have a very high rate of success in helping our clients to dramatically reduce or eliminate many of these symptoms.  We are extremely happy with these results but we have noticed that bringing people back to "neutral", the place where people were before the pain began, is only the beginning of their healing journey.  

Our definition of Healing has changed now that we have an understanding that there is a much greater potential for all of us on our journey for self-discovery, self-healing, transformation and evolution.  We now see the healing path as leading ultimately to an experience of a deeper and more authentic connection with yourself, more peace and harmony in your body/mind and increased clarity and guidance from within.  So, whatever your goals might be we will be there to support you through the healing process.  The Goals of Care page explains our vision and the meaning of our work in more depth.

Frequently Asked Questions
On this page we try to answer some of the most common questions people have such as how long they might be in Care, how stress will affect the success of their Care, can children benefit from Care and other questions.

Free Introductory Program
Twice a month we have a 45-minute in house educational program where we share our continually evolving understanding of the science and philosophy of our work accompanied by a live demonstration.  We invite all potential and new Practice Members to join us for this valuable program that will help you to have the greatest experience with your Care.

Our TeamLight TouchCommunity RoomGoals of CareFrequently Asked QuestionsFree Introductory Program

"Advanced Principles of Healing"
(The Brain and Healing) June 2013
Dr. Deborah Diamond D.C. (30 minutes)
"Healing Trauma"    December 2013
Dr. Deborah Diamond D.C. (32 minutes)