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Network Chiropractic of Acton Healing Center since 1997
Frequently Asked Questions
How long will it take for me to feel better?
Some people notice a positive difference after just one visit, with some people a few visits or a few weeks may be necessary depending upon the problem and how acute or chronic it is. Commonly the improvement begins fairly soon after starting care and is progressive.  Remember, healing is a process, not an event.
How long will the course of treatment take?

How long you choose to remain in care will depend upon the natural rhythm of your own healing and what your goals are.  The symptoms may resolve before the stability, flexibility and balanced function of the spine have been restored.  We usually recommend an initial course of 8 weeks of care followed by a Progress Examination in order to assess changes from the Initial Examination.  We would then decide together if more care is needed.

Is there a reason for me to continue Care once my symptoms are gone?

The reduction or elimination of symptoms can be a welcome and powerful relief and can allow you to participate in activities you enjoy. We believe in addition, that the bigger picture of Healing is an evolving Journey that involves all of who we are and our relationship to ourselves and the world, which is profoundly affected by our relationship with our bodies.  Continuing Care past pain relief takes you past neutral and into the realm of a higher state of body consciousness which allows us to reconnect with our essential selves.  This is key to our quality of life which includes passion, spontaneity, aliveness, engagement, fulfillment and love.  To learn more about our philosophy in this area please see our Goals of Care page.
How can I change if the level of stress in my life does not change?

We do not always have control over the outer circumstances in our lives but we can change the way we and our bodies react to the situations we find ourselves in.  As the Nervous System becomes more balanced we are able to handle stress better.  It is common for our practice members to report that situations or people which once bothered or irritated them don't seem to affect them as much and they are taking it more in stride.  As we become more present and more connected our body can develop the ability to let go of more and hold on to less.

How can such a light touch create so many changes?
The Nervous System is an exquisitely sensitive and specific system that does not need a high level of force or stimulation for it to respond in a specific way.  Please see our web page on Light Touch for more detailed information.

Can children benefit from receiving care?
This type of work is excellent for children.  Most children today besides having a lot of physical knocks and bumps from accidents and sports, are experiencing increasing levels of stress at school with homework and testing requirements.  We often feel more tension and stress in a child's spine and body than one would think.  A child who's spine is aligned and body is learning to release stress is likely to perform better in school and have a higher level of self esteem, in addition to increased physical agility and health.

Flare Ups
As the body is on the path to healing the spine develops more stability and our clients often report that if they have an occasional exacerbation or "flare up" it usually is of a lower intensity and they recover from it much more quickly. 

Will the changes be permanent if I decide to discontinue care?  

If adequate progress has been made and you have achieved changes in your alignment, posture and flexibility, and you have increased awareness of your body and how you respond to stress, then we can expect much of the change to be lasting.  Much like learning to ride a bike, learning to release old patterns and incorporate new ones will become a "skill" that can serve you for many years to come. 
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