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Network Chiropractic of Acton Healing Center since 1997
Light Touch
We have taken a very unique and exciting approach to our practice!  

We have chosen to specialize in and use a combination of Light Force techniques based on the principle of using minimal force to create the greatest change.  This leads us to having an approach that is perceived by the body as being honoring, comfortable, and welcomed.  

We are working on an intuitive level which guides us to particular areas each time and therefore each session is a unique experience.  
To understand this process you need to know that our bodies are always generating and sending out information.  An example of this is the energy field generated by the heart, documented and studied at www.HeartMath.org.   The heart field both sends out and receives information and directly communicates with the brain (our own and that of others). 
Applying the light touch to these specific areas activates a shift of consciousness in the body, brain and energy system.   
Here is a list of some of the specific changes that result:

1. The generation of a Relaxation Response
2. Alpha and Theta brainwave states
3. Internal Coherence (harmonization of organ systems)
4. Increased Heart Rate Variability (an accurate measure of
    the function of the Autonomic Nervous System)
5. Balancing of the Autonomic Nervous System  
6. Relaxation and reprogramming of the spinal muscles
    that allow for decompression and increased range of

What you will experience is a profound sense of “letting go” physically and emotionally, which brings a feeling of peace and wellbeing, and a sense of reconnection within yourself.  In addition tight muscles will relax allowing the spine to naturally move back into alignment. 
This treatment process is effective at unwinding spinal tension patterns, increasing body awareness, deepening breath and releasing layers and years of stress and trauma from the body.  It is safe for people of all ages to receive, even those with osteoporosis, arthritis and disc injuries. The focus of care is on decreasing pain, releasing stress patterns and restoring optimal movement, alignment and flexibility to the spine and body and enhancing your overall health and happiness.

The water fountain in our community adjusting room
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