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Network Chiropractic of Acton Healing Center since 1997
Welcome to our practice!  

In preparation for your first visit please watch the 5-minute introductory video to the right to help familiarize you with our gentle Chiropractic approach and give you information about your examination and first treatment.

We look forward to getting to know you and working together with you on your healing journey!
Introductory Video by
Dr. Deborah Diamond D.C. (5 Minutes)
Click on the red balloon then
scroll down for directions.
New Patient Information
    All new patients please click on the link in the box below these instructions to fill out and submit our online intake form which will be submitted to us electronically.. 
    It takes an average 10-20 minutes to complete the intake form depending upon the amount of detail in your history.
    Please answer all questions completely and submit the form a minimum of 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.  

1) You are not required to put in your Social Security Number and if you like this question can be left blank.
​2) When entering your Birth Date enter the month and the year before the day.
3) Please enter your home address for our records even though it is not required to submit the form.
​4) When answering the question for the date when your symptoms began, if you don't remember the exact date please put the first day of the approximate month that your symptoms first started.  This will indicate to us that you are estimating the start date.
5) You can describe up to 4 complaints but only one at a time, so only choose only one body part and then describe the associated symptoms and you will then have an opportunity to describe additional symptom areas afterwards.
5) Please press the Submit button at the end of the form to send it directly to our secure medical records program. If you want a printed copy for your records please request this at your first visit.
    Thanks again.
    Please print out the following two PDF forms so you will be able to read important information about your first visit and have directions to the office including specific GPS instructions. 
    Then you can read further instructions below which are followed by a link to our online intake form at the bottom of the page.  
    Thank you!