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Network Chiropractic of Acton Healing Center since 1997
Video Testimonials
Some of our wonderful clients have agreed to share aspects of their experience of receiving Care in our office.  Please enjoy their profound  understanding and insights into their healing and the mind/body connection.

Terry is a Computer Engineer

I came in with pretty awful lower back pain and after the pain went away I experienced spiritual, mind/body development.

November 2013 (2:46 min.)
Yvonne is a Registered Nurse
I used to come for pain relief, but it isn't about pain anymore. This work has helped me to become much more resilient and I now can withstand huge physical and emotional stresses.
November 2013 (2:11 min.)
Lloyd is a Musician

I came in for back issues but the healing  experienced was much deeper and more profound than I expected.
November 2013 (1:54 min.)
Angeline is a Medical Science Writer

This has been a pivotal process in my life, it has been a source of transformation by turning off my stress response and reconnecting me to my body.
November 2013 (6:16 min.)
Bob is an artist and teacher.
I came in for Whiplash and was amazed by the adjustment...it felt like I just came out of a deep meditation. 
November 2013 (3:26 min.)
Cynthia is a watercolor artist.

The treatment allowed me to get in tune with my body and release a lifetime of blockages.
November 2013 (3:28 min.)
Karen offers pet and home care.
I came for healing of my chronic back pain and now I love how my body is working for me instead of against me.
November 2013 (3:55 min.)